Geopandas: Two-Part Introduction

Feb 12, 2018. | By: Lauren Oldja

Get started with open-source spatial analysis in Python can be tricky. For one, there’s many possible libraries from which to choose, of varying and overlapping functionality but not enough cross-compatibility. Piecemeal and sparse documentation also remains a challenge, and most top blog posts for common questions on Google I’ve found to be using older code conventions.

This two-part article aims to get you started in an geodata-stack that is modern and works. Part One will walk you through installation on Windows. Part Two more or less follows the example of Andrew Gadius’ blog on the same topic to give a real world example of downloading shapefile ZIPs from the web, but updates the code to more modern standards and dependencies that work with Python 3.

Continue reading Part One on Medium, or read Part Two on Medium.


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